step 1
Schematic Design
step 2
Design Development
FF&E Technical Design
step 3
Construction Documents
step 4
step 5

A getting-to-know-you stage to learn as much as we can about clients. We want to understand aspirations and set expectations by learning about our clients’ style tastes, lifestyle and requirements. An on-site meeting is done to survey and get area measurements. The outcome of this step is an advise to client on an initial checklist of what’s needed to prepare the space.

After the Schematic Design step, we will provide a first design interpretation of the space based on the client’s needs and requirements and explain execution plans for the design. At this stage, collaboration to incorporate the client’s comments and feeback ensues. This takes a few cycles to polish and cover design and budget requirements of the client. The outcome of this stage is a final design and approval of the client.

At this stage, clients will get to approve for furniture finish, technical drawings, built-in schedules and contracts. Shop drawings are also prepared to start fabrication of furniture requirements. And through these activities, we will
regularly provide the progress of all pertinent documents.

This is when the design on paper starts to be put in place. Sourcing of materials (like lighting, loose furniture, etc.) and fabrication of modular cabinets start.

At this point, delivery of items and on-site installation of cabinets happen. While this is on going, we will make the necessary checks to ensure that the design on paper is what comes to life. And then finally, the finishing touches for the dream design outcome.

Core service
Modular cabinets

Customization of storage space and systems in all shapes, sizes, textures and finishes to create any look you’re after and ensure efficient use of space.

Customer-made furniture

Stylish, functional or one-of-a-kind…we can create pieces that are made to fit a specific look or style, not commonly found off the shelves and personalized to your liking.

curator service
design & styling

Personalized designing to match your taste and style – from layouts to finishes, textures and material, plus furniture selection.

schematic & visualization

Design conceptualization to make your dream space come to life in initial outlines and drawings, mood boards and themes.

technical specs service
technical drawing

Expertise in technical specifications and detailed drawings made available and  ready for construction and building.

site coordination

Presence and assistance of our experts in oculars and inspection the site from the beginning of the project, thru its progress, till completion.