DESTUDI began as a humble modular cabinet maker offering innovative solutions and unique designs. We are proud of being hands-on with every project – from drafting ideas to project execution –  enabling us to deliver designs that our clients require, fitting their preference and imagination. 

Our thirst to expand has led us to the Design Arena in San Juan, showcasing the prowess of our team’s designs and capabilities. This is where we have also built a stronger foundation for our identity, made more friends and started a community. 

Our expanded DESTUDI team and services offer complete design solutions to keep redefining possibilities. The work we do today, together with the extensive support of our partners and loyal clients, intends to make our brand a leader in modular furniture . 


We champion camaraderie, dedication, and excellence to fuel our business growth. We embrace creative empowerment with team members encouraged to think outside the box, to share ideas and build on each other’s strengths. The qualities of our people who become game-changers and strategists, also define how we do our work, how we treat our customers, and how we adapt moving forward. 


With core values of passion, mutual respect and shared trust, collaboration and communication, we aim to build lasting relationships. This is reflected not only in how we work with each other internally, but also with our cherished clients.
Focused on creating moments of happiness and inspiration, our goal is to innovate and enhance people’s experiences at home through high-quality space management solutions and services. Our desire for lasting relationships ultimately manifests in our work becoming part of a home that our clients love for a lifetime.

Let's team up and get to work!

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