WARDrobe for two

Would you believe that these modular cabinets finished in Iron Grey leather are made for a couple who love all things urban and modern? Although it may look quite masculine and even apt for a bachelor, the floor to ceiling mirror and the light gray marble flooring add the right neutral balance to the shared space. A great way to marry two style elements that are meant for each other.​

To have cabinets that can hold all things dear and precious for two is bliss. Surely, every couple will welcome just enough space! ​

It’s all the details – the entire wardrobe was finished with Iron Grey Premium feeling perfectly fitted for a newly wed city-dwellers.

What’s a walk-in closet without a shoe organizer? Guess who gets the bigger side for the shelves? ​ ​

As long as there’s a system in place to store and organize, there will always be space that can be shared.​

And the perfect happy ending of this walk-in closet…good lighting inside the closets – watch the video below!

The lights are built in to switch on once the cabinet doors swing open, and automatically switch off once the doors are shut. Don’t you just love a happy ending?

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